- covenient, time-saving and eco-friendly
- perfect for out and about, travelling and during the night, the list is endless!

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Benefits of the Twosie

The Twosie is convenient, time-saving and practical. Instead of having to remove all their clothes to change a wet vest, simply remove the wet bottom part of the vest and attach a clean dry bottom part.

Each Twosie comes with 1 top and 2 bottom parts.

The Twosie has been designed with sustainability in mind - our packaging is compostable and the Twosie is made from 100% organic cotton, which is Global Organic Textile Standard certified.

Available in a variety of sizes and a range of stylish colour choices, the Twosie is designed for parents and fit for babies. Twosies are designed for wearing out and about at the playground or park, in the café, on a plane or travelling to see family and friends, even during the night, so you don't wake them up!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Twosie?

The Twosie is our patented two-part baby vest which allows you to change the bottom of your baby’s wet vest without removing all of their clothes.

What are the benefits of the Twosie?

The Twosie is convenient, time saving and practical – in other words, change made easy! So often, it’s just the bottom part of the wet that gets wet from the nappy. The Twosie comes with one top and two bottom parts - simply remove the wet bottom part and attach a clean dry bottom part. It’s perfect for:

  • During the night – change that baby’s wet vest without waking them!
  • Out and about – restaurants, playgrounds, in the car, out for a walk with the buggy – make change easier when you’re not in the comfort of your own home ☺
  • If you’ve had a C-section or have back, shoulder, nerve or joint pain (this is how I came up with the Twosie in the first place).

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Is it a replacement for normal baby vests?

Babies go through so many baby vests, you will definitely need normal baby vests too. The Twosie is complimentary but not a replacement for ordinary baby vests. You need both.

Are the snaps around the waist uncomfortable for the baby?

No. There is a double layer of fabric over the snaps – like the fabric around the snaps which run up the front of the onesie. This ensures the baby’s comfort.

Will the Twosie help when it comes to dirty nappies?

It can help with some dirty nappies – not the kind that go right up their back (there’s no solution for that!) - but the aim of the Twosie is to help with wet vests.

Baby vests slide down from the shoulder – does that not offer the same solution?

No – while you don’t have to lift the wet over the baby’s head, you still have to take off the baby’s clothes (a onesie, tights, leggings, a top, a dress etc.) to remove the wet vest. The Twosie means you don’t have to remove the baby’s clothes (and you don’t have to pull the wet vest over their head).

What is the Twosie made from?

It’s made from 100% organic cotton (Global Organic Textile Standard certified). The cotton is soft and high quality, making baby more comfortable.

What about sustainability?

The Twosie is eco-friendly and has been designed with sustainability in mind. Our packaging is fully compostable.

Would the Twosie make a nice gift?

The Twosie makes the perfect gift. It is Irish designed and comes beautifully packaged from our hub here in County Mayo.
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The Twosie comes with 1 top & 2 bottom parts

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