BabyBoss - 'The Twosie'

Time saving, convenient and practical are just some of the words used to describe our new and innovative baby vest - The Twosie. 

No longer will you have to remove all of your baby’s clothing to change their wet vest, the Twosie has simplified the process by simply making the bottom part of your baby’s vest removable - now all you need is to attach a new clean and dry bottom half. The Twosie will make nappy changing time easier and is perfect for when you are on the go!

Made from 100% organic cotton, the Twosie is kind to your baby’s skin and kinder to the environment. 

The Twosie is available in a range of sizes from 0 – 24 months. Each set contains one top and two bottom parts.

Features & Product Care:

  • Made from 100% organic cotton,
  • Short sleeved,
  • Fully compostable packaging,
  • Detachable bottoms for easy nappy change,
  • Machine wash.
0 - 3 Months0 - 3 Months
3 - 6 Months3 - 6 Months
6 - 9 Months6 - 9 Months
9 - 12 Months9 - 12 Months
12 - 18 Months12 - 18 Months
18 - 24 Months18 - 24 Months

*Please note we are out of stock on some larger sizes, they will be back in stock in the coming weeks!

BabyBoss Feature Video

Change Made Easy

The Twosie is convenient, time-saving, and practical. Instead of having to remove all their clothes to change a wet vest, simply remove the wet bottom part of the vest and attach a clean dry bottom part.

Each Twosie comes with 1 top and 2 bottom parts.

The Twosie has been designed with sustainability in mind - our packaging is compostable and the Twosie is made from 100% organic cotton, which is Global Organic Textile Standard certified.
Available in a variety of sizes and a range of stylish colour choices, the Twosie is designed for parents and fit for babies. Twosies are designed for wearing out and about at the playground or park, in the café, on a plane or travelling to see family and friends, even during the night, so you don't wake them up!

Feel the benefits!